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Baby First Birthday Invitations

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Your baby is ready to take a one step further on this life. You might want to celebrate his first anniversary with your loved ones. Mark the big celebration with lovely invitations. This can be done to the festive feeling and the delight toward your upcoming party.

Simple Zoo Baby First Birthday Invitations Pinky Baby First Birthday Invitations Polka Dot Blue Baby First Birthday Invitations

There are so many cute non-photo invitations that I came across in greetingisland. It can be considered as a good option for those who happen to be busy and don’t have much time to pick the design. You don’t have to provide any photo and could directly print the card to spread it immediately. I like the one which has a rabbit and a bear in the template. It highlights the big pink number one in the center. They put the bear and rabbit images nicely behind the number with popping out to the front along with birthday articles such as baloons, a box of present, and a candle. Overall, it has a simple design with some detail info at the bottom.

Mickey Mouse First Birthday Invitations Winnie the Pooh Baby First Birthday Invitations Traffic Baby First Birthday Invitations

A non photo invitation can deliver the fun in a different way. It suits those who don’t want a complicated one. Besides, the important thing is we still has its function which is basically to deliver an invitation. A good one provides detail information clearly and make sure you attach your RSVP contact as well. However, it would be great to have a perfect personalized invitation to mark your big occasion. Alternatively, you can get the free version that are availablebon the internet.

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