Ballerina Birthday Invitations Ideas

Maybe your daughter really wants to become a ballerina. Having a birthday party for your child ballerina is a perfect event for little ballerinas and one day realize his dream. Having the details to create a special party that would make a perfect ballerina party invitations. Does not require a lot of money to have a personal invitation if you can make them at home.
The first thing you should do is to provide stock for the invitation cards. Folding pink card stock in half. Use one sheet of card stock to create a single invitation only, so it will be easier for you to vary according to how many guests you will invite. Then the image or stencil ballerina shape with a pencil. Then cut with scissors.
Then cut two ovals of white paper to be a ballerina slipper that will be used to write the party details in writing. Glue one oval on each ballerina. Then write the party information using the pen on the oval. Use words to invite guest, such as “Please join us at the party ballerina Jane”. Then do not forget to fill out the time, date, address and contact number.
Place two ballerina slippers together, one on top of another, so that they line up perfectly. Then, move over a little to the right shoe so that information about the flip down look. Punch two holes into the top of the sandals, slippers keep them together in the corner. Two holes must be next to each other, about a quarter inch apart. You will use these holes to connect the two together slippers.

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The final step is to tie a ribbon on top sandals with hollow out invitations, ribbon belt to secure slippers. Finally, the invitation is now ready.

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