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Barbie Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Maybe soon your daughter will have her birthday. Of course you want to decorate a birthday party with something she likes. Barbie birthday party is very popular for young girls birthday and anada will throw a party for your old girl to remember her childhood memories. You will match the invitations and party decorations according to the theme. Barbie themed invitation is very simple and not complicated to make. Use colorful decorations for a party invitation yan emnjadikan fun.

Pick a stock paper invitations to your liking. then fold the paper into the shape you want to be invited. For example, you can fold the paper in half and open like a book or fold the paper into a style like tent open from the bottom. Then place the stencil on the front of Barbie invitations and track with colored pencils.
Write the words you use pencil calligraphy invitations and cards section saying “Come Party with Barbie” or “Barbie You’re Invited to the Party!”. Write the party details for your invitation, including the time, date and location of your party celebration.


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barbie birthday invitations wording


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Maybe your child will ask guests to wear certain clothes or favorite Barbie dress suit, then write this information on your invitation. Then seal every invitation with Barbie stickers. Enter your invitation into an envelope and send to your prospective guests.

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