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Barney Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Make a creative invitation for a birthday card Barney that you created yourself. Choose a design and a different form, but keep it simple for your child’s birthday party themed Barney. You also can create a pop-up card Barney or use an online site to find a picture of Barney to make invitations. Add a personal touch to your cards and ask your child to Barney coloring pages.
Barney started making invitations. Have a piece of card stock and fold into two parts. folding card stock folded lengthwise with the bottom side with a size of 2 ½ inches to the left side of the card section ruler. Then open the card and then push the tab to the opening of the card. Close the card until the card into the bent tab.

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The next step, cut and glue pictures Barney into the card. See to it that your pictures are not more than 3 by 3 inches, but still need to form a perfect square. Then glue the picture to ta in the card.
Open and close your invitation card to check whether the card will appear typed opened. Then take the card stock and fold it into two parts, glue it back to the original card so as to cover the tab. Purple glue for wrapping paper to cover and do not forget to attach a picture of Barney. Do not forget to write your party details inside the card.

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