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Basketball Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Maybe you’re planning a themed birthday party and maybe basketball or just invite your friends to play. Invitation Basketball is a fun idea to set up your party. Instead you buy the invitations, make your own invitations basketball with simple ingredients easily found at craft stores.

Perhaps you will send invitations your guests personally remedy. Cookies basketball is a dish that is delicious and fun. Make sugar cookies for each of your guests and complete them with orange frosting. Use black royal icing and draw the outline of the cookie to resemble the shape of a basketball. Once dry, insert one or two cookies into a plastic bag. Write cardstok in small pieces and write your party information by punching holes in the bottom of the card. Secure card you use yarn or ribbon into a plastic bag of cookies and give them to friends and family.

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The idea of another basketball invitations are very easy to make is stamped invitation. In addition to easy and cheap, you will also be very easy to find and stamp cardstok basketball at craft stores. Cut each square into a white cardstok the size to your liking. Start by writing down the middle invitation party information and do not forget to leave space along the edges of the invitation to be stamped. You can buy a stamp and inkpad orange basketball and a basketball cap edge throughout the basketball invitation to make the borders invitation.

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