Beach Birthday Invitations Ideas


If you have a plan for beach themed party, would be very nice if you make yourself an invitation to reflect the theme of your party. Beach theme you can use for a wedding, birthday, shower, or just want to get together with close friends. Invitation design which you will use in accordance with your opportunity, you can design a beach invitation to give your creative ideas.

Start by folding a sheet of card stock measuring 8 1/2 inch-by-11-inch and fold it in half so that the invitation has two sides. You can use a ruler to make folds into a straight and easy. Then cut decorative paper using scissors bumpy, this will representing the a sea. Use long decorative paper to cover the front of your invitation from top to bottom and trim along the right side with scissors. Then glue on the front of the invitation.

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You can add a few small shells or starfish on the front of the invitation dried using glue dots. Write the invitation details on vellum. Allow the ink to dry on the skin of animals. Be careful, do not let you rub the ink because the resulting smear on the skin of animals.

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