Birthday Dinner Invitation Wording Ideas


Birthday can be a crucial moment for some people. As we entering adulthood, we normally have a different style and prespective toward celebrating a milestone. That is why some people would go up and beyond to make the occasion even more special than it used to be. One of the crucial parts is to make a perfect invitation. A good invitation should convey the whole idea of the party. It is like a message that tells the guest they should come unless they want to miss a special occasion. Hence, it could be done by using a nice appropriate wording. At this time, we are going to take a look at a birthday dinner invitation wording.

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“Raise your glass as we are celebrating our lovely Lisa’s 40th birthday. Join us for dinner and wines.”

“We are throwing a party for Joanna Alexandra. There will be delicious dinner and drinks to set the mood.”

“Someone nefty is turning fourty. Join us for delightful dinner and spread some cheer. Sssh.. Keep it secret. It is a surprising party.”

“Join us to chill. Dinner has been spread. As Ana is turning thirty, we are going to gather and find the fun. Join us to celebrate her birthday.”

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“John is turning fourty. Hope you can spend some time to have a lovely dinner with us.”

“Our sassy girl is turning twenty. We hope you can spend a special dinner with us. There will be a lot of food and beer.”

“Dinner is set. Wines are ready to drink. All we need is you make a wish with me and spread some delight.”

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