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Birthday Invitation Wording For Kids

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You’ve decided your kids’ birthday theme, now it’s best time to think about the invitations to his/her guests.Not only suit invitations, that matched with your party theme, the invitations should also contain important party details like date, time and location, but packed with nice catchy phrase to make your guests excited about the party. First thing that you should do is consider the birthday party theme when choosing invitations. How about the color, the theme, for example, if you do a Minnie Mouse party theme, the invitations should come in pink and funny color with Minnie Mouse image. One more advice, let your child choose their own invitations, so it will really reflect your children personality.

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Now, we’ll start about the wording. Don’t forget to write grab-attention headline or phrase in the beginning of the invitation. If you do a Western or Old West theme, some words like “Yeehaw! You’ve been invited to the Sheriff Alan’s birthday! Go to my ranch for a good time!”. There are so many ideas and your head, all you have to do is write down the words, then choose what’s best. Another advice, you should use kid-friendly language and don’t use complicated words. You can also works together with the little-one to compose his own words for his birthday invitation.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!
It’s ALAN’s Birthday

Join us for Ice Cream and Cake
It’s on August 17th,2014
The party starts at 5.P.M – Don’t be late!
At my Palace : 320 Avenue , Melbourne

Alan’s Mom

Creating interactive words also very useful for kids birthday invitation wording, I prefer use ” The party starts at 5 p.m – Don’t be late pals” than only write “5 p.m”. Kids birthday invitation need more specific and better information, you can use bold text or color text to make emphasis about time, date and location. Your invitation is almost done, now it’s time for the end of invitation. You can write down some exciting words like “Can’t wait for you there!”.

Last, let your little one signs his invitation or name on the invitation.

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