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Birthday Party Invitations for Kids

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Creating your own birthday party invitations will be a great experience for you and your kids. You don’t need to buy expensive invitations from the store. You don’t need to pay sources that drain your money. One solution that help to save money, is creating your own birthday party invitations. No matter what’s your theme of the party, creating your own birthday party invitations will make them excited. OK Here we go.

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DIY birthday party invitations

First, you should fold a piece of white card stock lengthwise, decide the color and theme of your invitations card, now cut a piece of scrapbooking paper to the size of the front cover of the card. After that, now paste the scrapbooking paper to the front of the card. You can draw or find word “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from the internet. Print it and paste into the front of the card. You can use glitter spray to make it looks blink-blink and shiny (trust me, girls will like it). Now it’s time for your invitations’ wording.

You can use simple words like : It’s Hanna’s Birthday!, John is turning 5!, Don’t forget to add the Date, Time and Location of the party. It’s time to deliver the invitations, fill the envelope with your invitations and few pieces of candy. Address it to your guest. Now, you’ve create your own birthday party invitations. Happy creative!

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