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Boarding Pass Birthday Invitations Ideas

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When you start to plan a party, of course you will need an invitation to inform guests about the details of the party. You can buy at the store a party invitation, but if you want a party related to aircraft, ships or traveling, you can make your own creative invitation itself. Quite easily create their own invitations, you only need the card stock and a bit of time to complete.

Start by cutting the card stock concentrated in a rectangular shape with scissors. Use card stock to your liking, you can use a solid color or patterned paper. But still watch your card to give the train above and rectangle measuring up to you, a good invitation usually bigger measuring 6 by 4 inches.

Custom photo boarding pass birthday invitations


boarding pass birthday invitations wording


boarding pass birthday invitations printable

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boarding pass airplane birthday invitations
Next step is to rotate the rectangle so that the long side at the top and a short position at the bottom. Write the words “Boarding Pass” at the top of the card stock. Then write your invitation information under the words “Boarding Pass”. Write the date, time, location and RSVP information.
Show your card, that the invitation should be taken when they go to a party. Tickets will be required for boarding. Torn at the edges of the invitation when the guests have passed through the doors of your home. Place the invitation in an envelope or hand deliver them.

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