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Bowling Birthday Party Invitations ideas

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Bowling party will make your family and friends to have a party and get sport to exercise. Bowling party can be enjoyed by all ages, for kids, teens and adults. Bowling will be very interesting to be invited. You can create invitations size flexible delivery methods and thinking to the guests.
To create a bowling birthday party invitations, the first thing you should do is to fold the half sheet of paper, pull left edge pins on the flip. This will make the card still attached to the front of the card and the card will also allow opening and closing. Using scissors and formed a pin. Reduction shall make you like a bowling pin, part of the crown should be rounded and shaped like the head of a wide spoon. Forms thin to wide neck and pin down to the stomach.
bowling birthday party invitations wording


bowling game birthday party invitations


bowling girl birthday party invitations


Free printable bowling birthday party invitations

Printable bowling birthday party invitations


Ten pin bowling birthday party invitations
Then cut two rectangles of red construction paper and glue on the neck. Give some white spacing and glue in the neck, or you can also use red marker or crayon if you can not find construction paper. Deaf be the word “partyin the front of your pin.

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