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Burgundy And Gold Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

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This template is perfect for someone or couple who is looking for Modern design with a little touch of “Floral” in it. Modern? Yup. As we can see, on each templates, you will get dazzling Gold Glitter Geometric Frame (or Text Frame).

Whether it’s interior design or specified item like invitation card, trends tend to fluctuate very quickly and right now it seems like geometric shapes and patterns are becoming the new trend. Both the Designers and users are having the time of their lives with geometric patterns, giving them new sense of “Artsy” to their life. Well, speaking of that, you might be wondering on how it’s going to be look like, here they are.



What is your opinion? It does looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Despite how great that was, I also added a few things to support it, such as Flowers graphics, to make it more stands out or vibrant, I decided to put some roses graphics in nice Burgundy color. If you think it’s a little bit too much, you can edit it, feel free to use and edit it, and as it has Docx version, it’s editable with Microsoft Word, what could be better than this?









How to get this one?

  • First, click the download button (Above) and wait for a second, and your browser should have directed you to Google Drive page.
  • In that page, you will see the template, it’s Rar file, for one-click download and 100% safe from virus injection.
  • To download, move your mouse pointer to Top Right until you see Drop-down arrow, click that and tap Enter to start it.

Here are a few things you need to prepare or get.

  • Before you want to print the file, of course you need some printing paper for that.
  • And don’t forget to check your printer condition, like how much Ink left, etc.
  • Find and get a little information about that. Honestly, I’d say card-stock paper is the best one you can get.
  • Other tools: Scissor, Ruler, Cutting Mat, X-acto knife (Optional), and so on.

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