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Carnival Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Carnival party is loved by every kids. Carnivals party bring to clowns, tents, pop corn and of course, mind games. It’s a perfect party theme for a birthday celebration in the backyard. Make your guests exciting is a great job and it can be started by creating your own carnival birthday invitation. Here are some carnivals birthday invitation ideas that you can apply.

Our first ideas is Carnival Flier. You can create your own carnival flier for the party. You can design it using computer software or you can buy templates from near store. We suggest bright paper. Don’t forget to write down your party invitation. You can also using Popcorn bags as your carnival birthday invitation. Red and white popcorn bag with party information on it will notify your party theme.

Pink Carnival Birthday Invitations  for Girl

Circus Carnival Birthday Invitations

Clown Carnival Birthday Invitations

Red Ticket Carnival Birthday Invitations

Ticket Carnival Birthday Invitations

Big Tent Carnival Birthday Invitations

Ticket is the example of simple birthday invitation. You can buy cardstock to create your own invitation. You can browse Ticket template on the internet and write the party information on it.If you want simpler, balloon invitation also show your party theme. Write down your party information on an inflated balloon with a permanent marker, now you only need to fill the balloon with helium. You can give it personally, or if you mailed it, deflate the balloon and ask your guest to blow up the balloon to reveal your party information.

Last ideas, it’s simple. Create clown-nose-shape paper, use red paper and write down your party details behind the nose. You can ask your guests to wear it on the party.

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