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Carnival Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

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Featuring bright colors for party invitations and children’s carnival using miniature booth as they look at  birthday party. Make your own invitations are made of simple shapes cut from card stock that has placed a lot of party equipment provided at the store or at a craft store. You will also need some special equipment and your child who has been sitting in elementary school can help you to cut and paste in the form of an invitation.

First, start by measuring the dimensions of the envelope that you will use to send the invitation. You can measure ½ inch on each side of your card then cut oblong of card stock that you calculated dimension. Invite you do not need to be folded so that you will not need to be folded in two sizes.
Then cut a rectangle of brown card stock to be used for a carnival booth on your invitation. Glue the right and left sides of the card stock carnival chocolate. Then Make a trapezoidal shape of lined paper to be used as the roof of the booth and cut the bottom side of the trapezoid to the scalloped edges. Then glue the trapezoid to each invitation.

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Write the words “Carnival Party” on the roof of the booth by using markers. Do not forget to write the party details such as time, date, location and RSVP information for your party.

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