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Carousel Birthday Invitations

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It is always fun planning for our child birthday as we want to make it to be a lasting memory. If your little girl is a big fan of theme park, then using carousel invitations can be a great idea. It provides a merry impression that can gain your guest attention to come. There are many of them that you can easily find on the internet in various designs and price.

Carnival Birthday Invitation Simple Horse Carousel Birthday Invitations Portrait Carousel Birthday Invitations

One of my favorite is the carousel pink chalkboard from etsy. It has a black background with a combination of pink color. They put a set of small triangle flag at the top with a lovely tiny polka-dotted pattern. Then there is a highlight for the birthday child’s name in a big font size with lovely colors. I also like the detail they put by adding a ribbon image below the name and some small colorful stars. At the bottom left, there is a carousel image and some detail information at the opposite side.

Cool Pink Carousel Birthday Invitations Full color Carousel Birthday Invitations Carousel Birthday Invitations Kids

You can also put a photo in the invitations as well. However, make sure you select the best design to be set on your lovely child picture. To highlight the picture, it can be thoughtful to choose a less extravagant template. The carousel image is usually presented with colorful image. But you can present it in a totally different style such as gold carousel theme to deliver a merry impression. To make the decision-making process less time-consuming, it can be good to match it with the party theme.

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