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Cars birthday party invitations

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Hooray it is a birthday party! I can’t wait to pick a cool invitation for the child, I bet you also have the same enthusiasm with me. If your little boy likes to play around with his racing car or spending hours to play his favorite cars cartoon, considering cars as the theme in the invitations could be a great option. The theme can be nicely combined wih various style. You only need to carefully chose the right design. I personally like the one which has a ticket touch in the template. It makes the guest feel like want to see a racing match. The idea brings a festive mood to your guest that can increase the attendance.

Simply put the cars figures in the center. It would be great if you can choose the racing field as the background. Write your boy’s name in the cars symbol and highlight the age in a big size. Then you can put some details as if it is an entering ticket to the race. You can also place your birthday child’s photo in a nice shape. Border the photo with simple pattren and put a car image on the other side. Use the empty space for the wording and the party details. You can use a fancy font that suits well in the template. I like to make it full of colors as it is for children. Finally, you can add some fancy related wording such as “VIP PIT PASS”, “Start your engines and get into gear!”, “Race on Over!”.

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