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Cheap Birthday Invitations Ideas

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If you’re trying to find cheap birthday invitations , there are so many ways to create cheap invitation for your birthday. You can start saving your money using online invitation creator or a handmade invitation. Sending your invitation via email also save your money and quicker. Just need a click, then your invitation sent.Here are some cheap birthday invitations ideas that you can apply to save your money.

Visit GreetingsIsland, you can choose what type of invitation do you need. Click on Birthday invitation. The website provide great invitation design where you can use, edit and print it for free. You can edit the letter, font even you can attach your images. Choose theme that fits to your birthday party theme. Be wise with your design. More color, means more expensive printing. Just keep it simple. Type your complete information, like time, date and location of your party. Don’t forget to give some inspirational quotes. Now, when you’re done, print it and send it via mail.

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Instead of online invitation maker, you can create your own invitation. Handmade invitation can be used as memento too. You can create it with your beloved son and having great time together. All you need is a scrapbook paper with different color and pattern. Fold it horizontally. Place some photos or picture (you can use balloon stickers or another stickers), and write your party details on the card stock. You can customize the invitation by drawing some cute cartoon, borders using crayons. Voila! Your cheap birthday invitations is ready to be sent!

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