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Cheap First Birthday Invitation Template

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Your baby is having his first milestone. Celebrate this special moment with your family and friends. Make the celebration merrier with the cute terrific invitatations. The best thing is you could get one that suit your style best with affordable price. Some of them are available in a full personalized detail, while the other provide you a blank invitation that could be modify as you wish.

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I found many adorable first birthday templates in photoaffections.com with are set below $1. I like the ones with a photo in it. There is one in a cute shape called conffeti one. The card shape is distinctive but not too much for a first celebration. It has a beautiful blackish color with a sheer colorful dotted. They also attach the baby photo in a perfect position and put a big number 1 on the other side along with the detail in the bottom. Another thing is the one with a stand-out big number 1 size in the middle. We can put our baby picture inside the number and write further information at the bottom. The overall design is simple with a light blue background, but can deliver the special moment of the first anniversary well as it been done by the wording “I’m turning 1”.

They also provide some cute non photo invitations which can be considered as a good option. One of them has a sheer blue background with polka-dotted pattern. They make a number one in the center stands out in a big size. Another option is the one with a sheer pink color which can be suit well for your baby girl. It is adorned by some pink floral images at the bottom and a fancy number one at the top with a pair of lovely butterfly images. There are so many cute 1st birthday templates that you can find online with only below $1.

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