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Circus Party Invitation Ideas

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Bring Circus into your house! Even if the circus isn’t coming to your town. Celebrate your birthday with carnival atmosphere will make your guests happy. Start the big top excitement by sending your circus party invitation, you can create your own just by digging up your imagination and creativity. It’s real fun.

Buy some stock card in your party shop. You can design your Circus party using GreetingsIsland site, or simply if you’re able to create your design in Photoshop, it’s very recommended. Size your invitation 4″ x 6″ in your template. You can search online images about circus, like clowns, lion, acrobatic images or anything else. Now download it and save into your computer.Load your Circus image onto your template. Place Lion image or clown image into the front of your Circus invitation. Give some space to place your kids’ image.Soft color like Ocean color, Pink color works best for kids Circus themed-party.

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If you’re able to hand-carry and deliver your invitations by hiring a clown to deliver it. It will be very exciting when your guests receive their invitation. Another ideas is including red nose pop-out prank. So the nose will pop up when the invitation is opened. You can buy it in nearest party stores. Don’t forget to include your party details like time, date and location. Happy circus birthday.

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