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Classy Tropical Invitation Templates – Editable .Docx

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Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming to this site, and I hope you can find your inspiration in here. By the way, it’s been a while since I posted something related to Summer. Yup. Today we’re going to see one of my latest design, which is perfect for this summer.

Today’s design was made as a sample of Wedding invitation card, but in reality, you can use it in whatever you want. You can use it for Bridal shower event, or even as Housewarming invitation card. Do you know what makes this invitation card stands out? For me, personally, I’d gonna say, it’s all because of the good combination of both Modern design that our generation loves it, as well as Exotic aspect that liven up the mood and vibe the entire design.


Classy Tropical Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has portrait orientation


As we can see, underneath the stunning Rhombus text box, you will get such beautiful Tropical decorations, let me point it for you. For instance, the template 4 has Paper grain textured background, despite that, you also got the Rhombus shaped text box in nice gold border. Underneath that, you will get a couple of fresh looking Exotic Green leaves.

          Aside from its decorations, I also included good and aesthetic looking Font-styles for you, and wrote a couple of wording with that, so you can directly put your party information to the pre-existing text.


Classy Tropical Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has gold glitter rhombus


Classy Tropical Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has canvas background


Classy Tropical Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has green leaves decorations


Classy Tropical Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has aesthetic fonts


Classy Tropical Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has gold marble background



Download Information

  • Click the download button (Above).
  • It will open Google-Drive’s download page.
  • Then, click download or the drop-down arrow.
  • Tap Enter on your keyboard to start the download process.

Printing Tips

  • Our template was made in 5×7 format, so you need to match it with your printing paper.
  • What’s the best printing paper? Each papers have their own pros and cons.
  • TBH, I’d choose card-stock paper, as I’ve been using it for a long time, and the quality? Undoubtedly the best all-rounder paper on the market, but you have to sacrifice something for that, because it’s a bit pricey than the other ones.

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