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Clown Birthday Invitations Ideas

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A clown themed birthday party would be a great and fun event to celebrate your child’s birthday party, to have fun with her friends. Perhaps you will choose the clown circus or carnival clown, everything will be a great party. The idea to make a clown invitations will be based on the silliness and fun. Have a birthday party invitation yourself to save your party budget and create invitations that are unique and different from the usual invitation.

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Custom photo clown birthday invitations ideas
Many online sites are now beginning to offering free invitations for your print on your printer. To create your own party invitations clown, you can use construction paper cutouts to create a craft custom clown face with fuzzy hair. Create also clown makeup and a big red nose.
Alternatively, you can use desktop publishing software and to design and print a flier circus clown face on top of a blank card stock. You can ask your child to make a clown face color to be used as the main image on the invitation.
Do not forget to write your party details, such as date, time, location of the party and RSVP information. Happy birthday 😀

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