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Construction Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Construction party theme is great for boys. If your boy loved construction themed birthday party, then make ’em as Bob the Builder and provide good invitation to generate the party excitement. Start tailor the party invitation to the theme.

The hard hat is the first choice for your invitation ideas. It’s iconic, it automatically said that you’re celebrating construction party. Made your invitation from yellow construction paper, you can fold it in half and cut in the shape of hard hat to make effective construction invitation. In the inside, write your party details, time, date and location. Now, you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to attach your photo.

Under Construction Birthday Invitations

2nd Construction Birthday Invitations

1st Construction Birthday Invitations

Simple Construction Birthday Invitations

Hard Hat Construction Birthday Invitations

Saw is great invitation ideas, it’s easily recognizable connected with construction. You can also turn an image of a building plan into a construction invitation. You can start writing some party details. Make sure that you’re reducing a building plan, so it will fits the size of your paper. It’s a great theme to express your construction party.

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