Cookie Monster Birthday Invitations Ideas

“Sesame Street” has become popular in the hearts of children and is a popular event on TV. Perhaps your son loves cookie monster on “Sesame Street”, you can have a birthday party to choose him as an inspiration. large blue monster has many, many inspired all the details of your birthday party. Have an invitation that will surprise your guests with your own handmade invitations at home.

Make cookie monster invitations very easily and will not spend too much time and money. Start by buying the materials associated with the cookie monster that can be found at party supply stores. Have a blue card stock as the cookie monster blue.
The blue color would work well with the invitations that you create yourself. Begin to make the cookie monster head template and then cut with scissors invitation. After all you have blue invitations cut into cookie monster, was the glue wiggly eyes and mouth and the shape that you have cut out of black card stock. Put each in the shape of the eyes and mouth of each face. cookie monster glue derived from pieces of card stock and the same form. It will be used to write the party details.

cookie monster 4th birthday invitations


cookie monster birthday invitations for boys


cookie monster birthday invitations for girlscookie monster birthday invitations sample


cookie monster birthday invitations template


cookie monster first birthday invitations

Do not forget to write the party details inside the invitation card, such write down the time, date, day, location and RSVP information.

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