Cowgirl Birthday Invitations Ideas

Yahoo ! Girls, its western time! Oldwest, horse , cowboy boots and of course cowboy hats. It’s your cowgirl party! But there’s one thing you should consider if you’re deciding to celebrate your birthday, yep, it’s your invitation ideas. If you’re planning to celebrate your birthday with Western Old style, there no better way to convey the cowgirl spirit to create awesome cowgirl birthday invitation.

Try to find coloring books that using the western themes, use it as your pattern. You can find and use simple cowboy boots, sheriff badges, horse or you can use a cow. Now, use the drawing as a pattern to trace onto colored craft paper. Use the images as its accessories and glued to a card. Show your girlie side using glitter or soft color. You can place and glue the horse, cowboy hats or sheriff badges everywhere, make sure you left a space for your photograph. Place your photo in your space area, give photo when you wearing cowgirl hat. Make it like an old style invitation. Grayscale or black and white photography is recommended.

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Now, it’s time to write down your invitation details. Don’t forget to include date, time and party details. Use some nice wording with Oldwest Style. If you’re using computer software like Photoshop or Microsoft Word, you can use old western font for your text. If you don’t have, you can get it online. Use these font : Marlboro, Montague, Trocadero, Quentin Caps TTF.
Start your wording using Western phrases like “Yippie Ki Yay, Howdy, Pardner!”. Wanted “Your Friend’s Name”, You’re Invited to My Cowgirl at Sept,24,2014 at High Noon”

Just try to be creative with your wording. Y’all come back!

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