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Cretaceous Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

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Hy there..! Another birthday invitation idea everyday.. Now we are going to take a look at a long time ago theme for your child’s birthday invitation. If your kid is obsessed with all things dino, then dinosaur layouts can be a brilliant idea. Don’t worry about the gender issue because this theme will suit both boys and girls. This dinosaur idea is not only fun, but also can educate your children with the knowledge of dino time. Besides, dinosaur is always related to green environment, so it could teach your child something about that too.

Skeleton Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Cute DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Silhouette Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Simple Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

Now you can start to make your own dinosaur theme. Remember you can put whatsoever design nicely and do not limit your creativity. You can use photoshop or any other software which has been designed specifically for making invitations. The very simple way is to put your child’s close-up photo on one side and the detail information on the other side. Don’t forget to write an inviting wording such as “you are invited” and your child’s birthday name above the information. Then you can put a green dinosaur picture with the exotic tail in between the space. For a nice finished touch, adorn it with some dino fossils and leaves at the edge of one side. Finally you can print it with a nice cutting edge cardboard or simply take it to the nearest photo station.

Cartoon Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Printable Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations with Photo Cretaceous Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Simple

Another thing is by putting some dinosaur images in the invitations. There are so many kinds of them, so you can pick the two of them to be placed in the paper. Make sure you have enough space for the wording. Place a brontosaurus dino and a triceratops on the opposite side. Make the brontosaurus neck up to the top to enhance the dino theme. You can also give some baloons around the triceratops neck. Alternatively, you can make some dino figures into a tiny size and put them in a circle. In the center, write the invitation word and the detail.

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