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Cupcake Birthday Invitations Ideas for Her

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Maybe in the near future you will host a birthday celebration, holiday or baby shower. Cupcakes will be a very tasty dessert. You can easily make your own invitations with cupcakes actually have to be used as a delicious reminder for your event. Add accents to customize invitations and make them be excited to attend your party later.

Actually, a lot of invitations cupcakes that you can find online or at party supply stores are instantly ready for use. But if you want a memorable and creative invitation, it would not hurt if you make your own invitations cupcakes.


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The first thing you should do is buy construction paper or paper invitations and match your party theme. For the celebration of Valentine’s Day, pink and cherry red paper will be very suitable. Place the stencil in the middle of the paper and pencil form. Cut stenciled images and write your party details, then cut a piece of construction paper in red and round shape for use sbaga cherry. Glue ribbon amid cupcakes and spray air fresheners on the invitation. Now, you are ready to send your invitations 🙂

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