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Curious George Birthday Invitations

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Are you animal lover? The one who loves animal very much tend to have a warm heart. When your birthday is coming, why don’t use an animal as the party theme? One of the most popular cartoon movie which the main character is an animal is Curious George. It tells about George, a curious smart monkey, that has unique adventure in everyday life. Here we have several stunning Curious George birthday invitations template you can have freely.

George always begins his day with a man wearing yellow suit and hat. They always together in doing activities. George is always curious in everything he met. Sometime, a funny thing happened because of him.






This design comes in colorful background like in the forest, in a city and in a zoo. George has visited a plenty of places in his life. You will find George and his friend, The Man in Yellow Hat, in this design. You can write down the party details in the blank space we given at the center. Give your RSVP number too for the guest. Thus, they can confirm their attendance.

To download these Curious George birthday invitations template, you need to click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Then you are free to customize it. While to print it, use a cardstock paper you may find in a stationary or buy online. It has high quality for your printing image.

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