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Curious George Birthday Party Invitations

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If you want a Curious George birthday party, you may be a little difficult to find ideas birthday invitations that match the theme of your party. You do not need to worry, you can make your own invitations Curious George invitations using real illustrations that you can take from Curious George craft. End birthday party invitations to customize your party information, such as date, time and location of your party.
Take pictures of Curious George from magazines or books on top of the scanner, and move to your computer. Then open the image Curious George who has been in the moving and printed with a color printer as many invitations you will need.

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Next, fold the construction paper in half and press to fold flat. Cut Curious George image that you print before using scissors and glue cutouts onto construction paper that has been folded. Let sit until the glue dries completely.
Give the image border Curious George with glittering glue and wait until the glue dries. Do not forget to write your Curious George party details on the inside of the invitation by using markers or colored pencils. Repeat the process of making invitations Curious George is in accordance with the number of invitations you want.
Easy to make invitations Curious George, please try at home 😀

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