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Custom Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Creating custom birthday invitations is so simple, but it’s thoughtful because it show how much the person care about the party. As we know, ordering custom cards can be very expensive, that’s why creating your own custom birthday invitations is some way to save your money. You can design your invitations easily and simply print it at home.

You can browse some website that offers custom birthday invitations, it can be Evite, or another website. Choose a design template that fits with your theme or personality. You can choose the size, and cost of mailing. When you’re done, don’t forget to include your party information such as date, time and location. You can also give information such as items guests may bring or activities.Insert your images , borders or background. Now save the file and print the invitation. Remember, test your print using regular paper first. When everything is checked and done, print your custom birthday invitations using card stock. You can send the invitation via mail.

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