customizable birthday invitations

Your big day will be coming in a short time. It is time to make your own customizable invites to cherish all the love and life you have recieved all this time. To make your own customizable invites, you can go to cardstore and choose dozens of templates that are available there. The whole steps are not complicated. You only need to pick a template you like. Then customize it with your details. You can also put your adorable picture in the template and play with the font. The templates are varied in gender and age for girls, boys, children, until adults. Make sure you pick the one which suits your party theme best.

One that attracts me is a 40th customizable invite which combine three colors teal, black, and white. The overall design is simple, but has a nice struturing. At the top they put a birthday person’s photo with teal background, followed by white background to write the invitation wording. The next is a black background which has a big 4-0 with some details below. Instead of dividing the three colors in the same tedious size, it has a different division which make it more dynamic. Another thing is the playful invites for kids. They have plenty cute photo and non photo templates for children. It is hard to pick only one of them. My favorite one is a horizontal strips for boys. It has a dark blue background with thin colorful lines. There is a bright picture of the birthday child in the center and the detail info under it.

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