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Customized Birthday Invitations Ideas

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There are so many ways to create your own customized birthday invitation. You can create your own customized birthday invitations with Microsoft Publisher program. By following these instructions, you’ll able to create your own customized birthday invitation for every guest. You can add your own signature and stamp. It will take about 10-15 minutes to learn.

OK, if you’re ready. Open Microsoft Publisher program, select the Invitation card link. Browse the invitation templates that matches with your party theme. Double-click on the icon. Now, You should choose “Page Options”, then “Color Schemes”, “Invitation options” and customize the template you selected. Choose the colors and font.

Minnie Customized Birthday Invitations

Barney Customized Birthday Invitations

Cute Elmo Customized Birthday Invitations

How to Train the Dragon Customized Birthday Invitations

Mickey Mouse Customized Birthday Invitations

Elmo Customized Birthday Invitations

Now, you can add personalized information into your invitation. You can use some simple word, like “You’re Invited” or “John’s Invited”. You can select the text and replace it with your text.Now, you can open the interior of the card, and add party information. Include the date , time and location of the party. Enter your name and RSVP number. Instead of creating via Microsoft Publisher, you can download customized birthday invitation template and start customize it. You can browse free invitation template in Aeroplania.

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