Cute Moana Invitation Template for Birthday Party

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We have another free printable Moana invitation template where you can download it for free!

Using a Disney character as a birthday invitation theme can attract many children especially the girl. One of the newest Disney princesses is Moana and you can use cute Moana invitation template for the birthday invitation card. As the newest addition of Disney princess, Moana is quite famous because of her characteristics that are quite different from the other princesses. Moana has curly hair and relatively brown skin, resembling an exotic beauty often found in tropical regions. Disney princesses are very accustomed to girls, so it is a perfect theme for your daughter. If she is born around 4 or 5 years before Moana come in 2016, then she will know the character from either her friend or found the character by herself online.

To create a cute Moana invitation template, you can either contact a birthday planner or do it by yourself. A DIY Moana invitation card can be done easily. You just have to search the perfect picture that is related to Moana. Then, all you have to do is deciding the format of the picture. If you choose JPG, then you should manually write the details of the event with a pen. But, if you choose a PDF format, then you can add any detail you like aside from the addressee.

To print out the cute Moana invitation template, you just simply put a piece of paper into a color printer. As for the type of paper, you can go for either glossy or photo paper to be used as the birthday invitation card. Make sure that you fit the size of the design into the size of the paper. If you are having difficulties in printing the invitation by yourself, you can ask a professional birthday planner. You can also get a birthday event package including decorations, props, and also a designed-by-request birthday invitation card.

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