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despicable me birthday party invitations

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Who doesn’t enjoy this funny movie? I bet everyone will giggle with the cute character from despicable me, especially the minions. These yellow tiny figures are so cute and adorable. That is why I think it could be nicely applied in the invitations, particularly if you have a little kid who has an upcoming birthday party. Make your child’s special moment even more special with the theme. If you surf on the internet, you might directly find tons of their templates. It is now your concern to select the best one for the party.

It seems like the minion templates are the most favorable among children. There are so many of them with various styles. The yellow color and blue jeans are already merry, so you can leave he background white or with less color. I like the one which has a hilarious structuring. Basically, there are three minions at the bottom who look out to the top where the other minion hangging. The figures are already given a strong character to the template, so you don’t need to add some additional ornaments. If you want something simple, you can choose a single minion template. It has a giant minion that fits in the card, then you can put some party details in its jeans outfit. If you prefer a merrier template, you can select the one which has pattern frame. They use a yellow wavy frame around the templae and draw a cute borde in the center for the wording. The you can spread the minion images around with funny pose.

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