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Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

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Roarrrrrr!!!! Bring back the dinosaurs alive with dinosaur party theme. Every kids loves T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptor, Stegosaurus and any other famous dinosaurs. Creating dinosaurs birthday invitations is the first way to show your party theme to your guest. You can personalize and show how much you love Dinosaurs. This is an inexpensive way to generate party excitement.

Roar Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

Triceratops Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

Brontosaurus Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Cretaceous Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

5th Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations Prehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

First of all you can buy cardstock dinosaur invitation in your near store, but if you can’t found it, you can create it by yourself. Buy a green or brown cardstock, shape the paper with your child’s favorite dinosaur. You can model T-Rex, Triceratops or any dinosaurs by searching the images online. After you cut it, now it’s time give your dinosaur’s features, like face, tail, arms, claw, hands, legs and feet. Write the party information inside the dinosaur invitation. You can start wording by saying, “Roarrr…T-Rex is attacking Northville (your town name)” and “let’s check out the prehistoric T-Rex at (your address), or you can say “Let’s digging the Triceratops fossils at (your address)”. Now you’re ready to send your invitation via mail.

That’s it! Now you have a clue to create your own dinosaurs birthday invitation, feel free to share with us about your party invitation ideas.

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