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DIY Star Wars Decoration for Budget Star Wars party

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Today, Bagvania want to show you how to do some DIY Star Wars themed decorations.

It’s perfect for your Star Wars themed parties and let’s start!

so first we’re going to do the lightsabers!

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The Lightsabers – Easy!

what we need is pool noodles and black and gray duct tape. So first we’re gonna stick three times! the gray duct tape then we’re gonna stick beside it the black duct tape, one more time, the gray duct tape you and then the black duct tape again. Finally we add some black stripes and your lightsabers are done. now you can fight with them without hurting anybody.

Star Wars Photobooth

Next, let’s do some photo booth props. What you need is a print of the character that you like, some carton or thick paper glue scissors or a cutter, a stick and some scotch tape.

First we’re going to stick our character on the carton, then we’re going to cut it out. We’re gonna make the holes for the eyes and then with some scotch tape, we’re gonna stick this stick to the carton. You can also print or drop some comic bookclouds and write in it whatever you want or draw yourself.

Photobooth Background

That’s it! Now you have awesome props for your pictures. I also decided to make a background for my pictures. To do that I just use a black plastic table cover, some white paper, a pencil scissors and glue.

First I draw the stars on the white paper, then I cut them out and finally, I use some glue or scotch tape to stick them to the table cover.

Storm Troopers Balloon Decorations

Now let’s do some stormtroopers. You just need a white balloon and a marker. With the marker draw the stormtrooper face on the balloon. To do that you need to do an horizontal line like this then do the eyes drawing to upside-down triangles. Draw a heel like this add these little lines on the sides a line under each eye, then I added another line under the hill and I make it look like teeth. I draw this design on the chin and I added two circles with a dot in the center and that’s! it this will make your room look awesome

The Tie Fighters

finally let’s do some Tie fighters you just need to cut two hexagons of black gray or white carton or thick paper and then with a little bit of scotch tape you need to stick the excircles to decide of a small balloon add some thread so you can hang it and that’s it ! let me know in the comments which one was your favorite Star Wars decoration.

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