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Donald Duck Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

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Your child’s birthday is a thing you must face for many years. Although sometimes your child often does not remember, but the family party is the perfect way to celebrate the moment. Choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party is also not easy, depending on what is preferred by your child. Maybe your child like a duck, threw a birthday party with a cartoon duck Donald Duck, one of the Disney movie. Have their own invitations by making them with your hands, it will give you a surprise for all your guests.


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Use the famous duck cards to inspire you to create invitations, Donald Duck. You can find invitations with this character with ease at a party supply store or find it online. Many online sites that offer services to create an invitation that will adjust to your liking.
However, if you want a creative invitation, would be very interesting if you make your own invitations. Use card stock for your invitation, find the picture of Donald Duck on the internet or from magazines. Then Print them and put on the card stock that previously have you fold it in two parts. Make sure that your image AKN fit to be attached to the invitation.
Write down all your party details inside the invitation, on the date, time, location of the party and RSVP information. Send an invitation to you from hand to hand to save your party budget.

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