Dora Explorer Birthday Invitations Ideas

D..D..D…D…Dora…D..D..D..Dora…Dora, Dora Dora the Explorer!!! Wow, you like that song too? Me and my son too! If your little one loves watching “Dora the Explorer” on TV, there’s a chance that your kids will enjoy a birthday party where Dora is in! Give your kids’ friends some excitement and indication how fun the party will be. A great Dora birthday invitation is our first start. It’s so easy to decide which Dora invitation works best for your party.

You can buy a pre-made Dora invitation that show Dora in various scenery, all you have to do is match the invitation with your party theme and color accent. You can go to Nick Jr official website to print invitation of Dora. If you’re able to operate Photoshop, you can be more creative by mix-and-match some Dora images. Place Dora image in the front of your invitation, place your girl’s photo beside Dora. Include all party details such as time, date and place. You can use some Spanish language on your word, like Es Invitado, Amigo (You’re invited, friend)

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Dora’s Map invitation also great option for your Dora themed party. Help your guests to reach the party destination. You can print the image of map, you can browse it online, and attach Dora logo on it. Now, you’re ready to write the party invitation details, roll the paper into a scroll and resemble the Map. Don’t forget to add eyes and a mouth, so it’ll be Map Character with party details in it.

Dora’s backpack invitation is another idea for your birthday party. You can use pre-made invitation or create it by yourself using purple stock paper. You can re-draw it or download directly from the internet. Write down party details on the back side. Just like the Map, you should also give your backpack eyes and a mouth. We did it! We did it!

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