Double Kids Birthday Party Invitations

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Hallo everyone! This time I want to share all about double birthday party invitations.. It sounds like a good idea, particularly for you who have two children with near birthdays. Sharing a dual birthday party can have a lot of benefits. Firstly, because it is obvious that we could thrive the budget without reducing the excitement. Secondly, the idea could provide more delight for everyone like what many people said that “the more, the merrier”.

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Dealing with double invitations cannot be a big deal. Otherwise, it is a fun activity as it is. The first thing you need to know is to define the occasion well. Whether it is a twins party, all girls or all boys party, you need to find the appropriate combination for all aspects including the colour, the font, and the entire theme. If you have an upcoming twins baby birthday, then you can select an invitations with light colors such as pink, sky blue, or purple to convey a cheerful mood. You can also put some of the twins pictures together in the space.

TMNT and Frozen Double Kids Birthday Party Invitations Superheroes Double Kids Birthday Party Invitations Mickey and Minnie Double Kids Birthday Party Invitations

For boys party, it can be good to have grey or green army colours for the invitations. While pink and purple can be a great idea for girls party. On the other hand, if you want to combine your girl and son birthdays, then you have to select the invitations which can be matched for both of them. In that case, orange and brown colors can be a good option. Moreover, if you have two birthdays with a large age gap, you could come with black, blue, brown, or even light colors. Don’t forget to put unique photos for each of them, you can also highlight the number of each age beside the pictures. Play with your imagination and create a nice design for your double invitations.

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