Elephant Birthday Invitations Ideas

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An elephant would be fun to exchange gifts and allow guests to bring unique items, trinkets strange or unwanted gifts and something funny .This activity is usually done during the Christmas party, but you can be a host for a birthday party your child make sure to send a clear invitation, make your own invitations elephant and adjust the graphics to get your guests are happy and fun.

Use a ruler to mark a white card stock. Cut with scissors and fold the card stock in half. To embellish the front of the invitation, look for pictures in magazines or find them online and cut the image using scissors and set them on a piece of paper stock.
Make a copy of the other colors for any party invitations that you will send. Trim with scissors and collage to put forward on the basis of the card and then dab the image by using double-sided tape.

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Add words like, ” This is a White Elephant Party “At the bottom of your invitation cards using markers. Write and print the party details on a piece of card stock that corresponds to your party decorations. Do not forget to include the day, date, time and RSVP information .

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