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Elmo 1st birthday invitations

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Celebrating a first birthday party is a terrific moment for parents. You might want to go up and beyond to provide a special occasion for your lovely child. It is important to choose the right theme for the party including the invitation design. If you are having trouble picking the right theme, you can consider using elmo template for the invitations. It can be an ideal character that is loved by children around the world. Since many kids see them on tv, they will be comfortable with their favorite figure. The idea is suitable for either girls or boys, so you don’t have to worry about the gender matter.

Polka Dot Elmo 1st birthday invitations Movie Strip Elmo 1st birthday invitations Calm Blue Elmo 1st birthday invitations

Elmo 1st birthday invitations with Photo 2nd Elmo birthday invitations

If you have plenty of time making your own invitations, it would be a great idea. Therfore, you can make the cards more special with your flair. You can make the fuzzy red head invites in simple steps. Firstly, you need to gather all the materials needed to begin your creation. You might need a red, orange, white, and black cardstock, scissors, glue stick, pencil, and glitter pen. To make this easier, find an ideal elmo head image on the internet and print it out to make it as an archetype. Then you can begin sketching the head in red cardstock. Make the other shapes such as the eyes, mouth and nose using the other papers. After that, you can cut each shape and attach one another using a glue stick. After the elmo head is ready, you can attach an orange card-style paper at the back and write the invitation wording as well as the details in fancy font. Finally, you can send the cards in elmo envelopes.

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