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Elmo Birthday Invitations Ideas

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When you’re planning Elmo birthday party theme, you may buy some special Elmo invitation from your near store, but remember it can be really so consumed. Good Elmo invitations can impress your guests, but hey, how if we create our own Elmo birthday invitations? It’ll become a great time for you and kids to have a good time together. We’ll try to create a simple little red monster invitation and impress your guests’ parents.

Buy red construction paper, black construction paper and white construction paper. Cut a 6-inch diameter circle. Cut one red circle paper for each invitation. Now, you can cut two 1-inch circles from white construction paper, and cut two 1/2-inch circles black paper. You should glue the black circle in the center of white circle. Voila you already create Elmo’s eyes. Glue a pair of eyes to the top edge of the big red circle.

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Now, cut 2-inch diameter circle from orange construction paper, it will be Elmo’s nose. Glue the nose beneath the eyes. Now, last we create 4-inch crescent shape from black construction paper, as you know it, it will be his smile. Now, turn over the Elmo face, and write invitation details on the back. You can write it with crayon or another coloring tools. Write down the time, date and location of your Elmo party. Well, it’s simple right? But if you don’t have any time, buy from your near store is recommended.


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