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Elmo Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

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Maybe this time you’re planning an Elmo themed birthday party. It would be very nice if you make your own invitations sent to guests for a small child. It will be better than you’ll spend your time to order a special invitation in the store. Maybe you do not have a lot of time to produce an elaborate invitations, make your own invitations that look like little monsters but still does not take much of your time.
Begin to cut two 5-inch circles from red construction paper that will be the head of Elmo. Cut one circle for each invitation. Then cut another two 1-inch diameter circle of white cardboard, this will serve as the eyes Elmo. Cut two ½-inch circles from black paper.

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Glue black paper circles to the white circles. Then glue also a pair of eyes to the top edge of the red circle so that half of the eyes stuck on the edge of the red head. Cut another 2-inch diameter circles of orange construction paper to be used as a nose Elmo. Then, glue the nose Elmo bottom of the eye, place the position of the 1/8 inch overlapping.
For Elmo’s mouth, cut a crescent shape from black construction paper and glue the bottom of the nose. Wait for the glue to dry and turn the face of Elmo to write the party details on the back, write the name of your child’s birthday, time, location and RSVP information by using a silver marker.

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