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Evite Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Maybe this time you’re planning a big party and want to invite over 200 people to your pickle. Of course you have to spend more to buy a paper invitation. But you do not need to worry, Evite is a way out for your problem for the party host that will cut you to send invitations to friends. Evite is a free service providers and provides a convenient platform for an electronic invitation.

First, register your account with Evite. Registration on Evite free and very fast. Fill out a form about your basic information including your name and email to create an account. then choose the theme of the templates available on the site pretext, if your party is for a birthday party, choose a motif balloons and cake. This will tell your friends about the show and also hosting. Then do not forget  to adjust your own images or graphics. You can upload pictures and attach them in your Evite invitation design and will also give a personal impression on the invitation.

Disney evite birthday invitations


Phienas and ferb evite birthday invitations

Pink evite birthday invitationsPrincess party evite birthday invitations


Safari evite birthday invitations


Tea party evite birthday invitations
Fill out the party details including the date, time and location of your party. Let your friends forward the invitation to others. If you already have a list of email addresses you can import it into your Evite account. Press the send button and Evite will give you an invitation to your friend’s email box. Choose “send over the phone” and the invitation will be conveyed to your friend mobile phone.

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