First Birthday Invitation Wording

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Celebrating first birthday isn’t a must, but celebrating an important milestone for your loved ones is great. There are so many ideas about first birthday party theme, if you’ve decide your theme, you should choose suits invitation for your party theme. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to word a first birthday invitation, as we know, invitations alert party guests to feel excited to the special event. Invitation is the first impression of the event that the guests feel the party.

Poem First Birthday Invitation Wording

Big One First Birthday Invitation Wording

Funny First Birthday Invitation Wording

Cute First Birthday Invitation Wording

Creating first birthday invitation wording isn’t that hard. You can start by announcing the event in the heading like “Jonathan’s First Birthday”, so guests are clear enough about what the event is in celebration of. Next, you can start by writing the party details information, such as time , date and location of the party. By the way, you can give poem in the beginning of the invitation. Like “Jonathan is turning one, join us for a cake, fun and toys. The party is on the last day of September”. You can use your creativity to create it.

Last, include an RSVP note. You can also add a line or two note about the gift. If you don’t want gift, you can ask them to bond a college fund for your little one.

Here are some first birthday invitation wording example :

First teeth, first curls, he’s crawling around
Spencer is growing by leaps and bounds.
There is one more first to celebrate
With balloons, a candle and a cake!

Join for some fun, Jake is turning 1!
Cake, snacks, games and more!
There’s sure to be laughter and giggles galore!

Some said it could not be done, but little Jack is turning 1!
So join us for a celebration with lots of cake and treats for you.
Well have some fun with all of you!

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