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First Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Nothing best than first birthday for your baby! Now it’s time to celebrate his/her first year in the world! Now, you can create your own first birthday invitations for your baby. Creating your own invitations is really fun and meaningful way to add a special moment to your child’s birthday. Creating your own birthday invitations will share and give your happiness to your guest and the baby itself.

first birthday invitations girl first birthday invitations boy first birthday invitations wording 1st Birthday Invitations

All you’ve to do is choosing your best baby photo. It can be a newborn photo, or best photo you’ve taken during the year. Print your photo. Don’t print too large, just print small pic to fit on your invitations. Mat your baby photos with scrapbook paper. Now,cut the scrapbook paper a lil bit bigger than your photo size. Now, place and glue the picture to your mat. It’s time to wording your first birthday invitations.You can browse through the internet to search some wording ideas for your baby invitations. You can use poems, songs or simple wording.
Here are some wording example for your first birthday invitation :

Happy Birthday we’ll sing
And such noise we will make,
When he blows out the candles
On Alan’s very first birthday cake!

She’s learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand
And she can walk now if you hold her hand
But the fun has only just begun
Lookout world, Arianna is turning ONE!

Come to my party and see my first cake
Oh what a wonderful mess I will make!
My first birthday party will be really fun
If you will all join me as I turn ONE!

Now, it’s time to create your templates, for more templates creation, you can read our tutorial to create your own invitation templates. After you learn that, you can print your invitation and send it to your guest. You can also use and create your own templates using Photoshop or Corel Draw.

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