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First Birthday Photo Invitations

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It is time to party! Your lovely baby is about to turn one! And you want everything to be just right. You might want to celebrate your baby milestone with a perfect first birthday photo invitation. Whether it is girl or boy, choosing your first baby invitation could be intimidating, but fascinating at the same time. So don’t be so stressful, just relax! Cause we are going to guide you to select one that probably suit you best.

Polka dot Blue First Birthday Photo Invitations Pumpkin First Birthday Photo Invitations Big 1 First Birthday Photo Invitations

It is normal for people, especially a mom, to share their baby’s photos to the loved ones. This moment is crucial as it will despict a warm bonding with your baby. On the one hand, the picture will tell how much you proud of your son or daughter. In this very age, they might be still young, pure, and vulnerable, but they will be your hope and future. So make sure you deliver the idea well. In order to swimmingly select the right template, you might simply match the layout with the theme of your first baby birthday celebration. Then you can put different color in a nice combination. For a baby, it is supposed to be light and cheerful colors. Remember he is still fresh and cute, so it would be better to not go into dark strong colors.

Penguin First Birthday Photo Invitations Cute Whale First Birthday Photo Invitations Big One Printable First Birthday Photo Invitations

For the photos, you can always choose more than just one picture. Put the biggest one on the top and followed by the wording invitation in the middle section. Then devided the bottom section into three columns and put the other pictures in each columns. Alternatively, you can put only one big photo of your lovely baby side by side with the wording. In addition, you can also highlight the big 1-0 number and a smaller photo of your baby. Don’t worry to play with a lot of colour and fancy fonts. For a final touch, you can put a funny invitation wording to complete the delight.

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