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Fishing Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Birthday party fishing would be very suitable for your child who loves fishing. Make your own invitations to a party and play around with different invitation designs and unprecedented. Invitation design with fish jumping out when opened and invitations photo invitations you catch the biggest to date. Invite your right is very easy to make and will not take a lot of your card.
To make the invitation fishing, start by marking white card stock with a size of 5 inches by 10 inches. You can use a set square to hang earns the right angle and straight lines. Then cut the card using art knife and ruler to guide you, then fold the card in half to create a 5 by 5 inch card.

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Custom photo fishing birthday invitations
Cut a 5-inch card and use it as a stencil the front of the invitation. Then draw a circle using a compass and use a 4-inch diameter in the middle of the stencil. Pictures of fish in the middle of the circle and at the edge of the circle touching the fish. You can use a knife to cut the arts. Cut the eye with a hole punch. Transfer the fish using a stencil on the left side of the inside of the card. Decorate the front of the invitation with the word “Invitation” and glue plastic gems to give the impression that shiny.

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