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Football Birthday Invitations Ideas

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You could turn it into a game if someone is so fanatical about football, has a football theme birthday will be very enjoyable. Invitations will be part of a planning process, because it used the team to inform guests. Allow guests to know the type of party by sending invitations football themed.
One of the ideas that you can use for invitations is a football helmet. Use a life-sized helmet or a miniature according to the number of guests you will invite to the party. Use a football-themed paper to print the details of the party and the party informai attach to the helmet. To paste, you can punch a hole at the top of the card or paper records dsn rope threaded through the hole and tie it on the helmet.


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Another theme that you can use for invitations is a ball. The ball is an obvious choice and according to your party theme. Guests can also use to play football. Print the details of the party that contains the date, time and location of your party using markers. This invitation would be greatly remembered by the guests as play moved at the invitation.

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