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FRE Shabby chic baby shower invitations Templates

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Creating shabby chic baby shower invitations can spark some interest to the invitee, especially if you design the invitation card well. A chic themed invitation usually uses flowers as the key element, so you can add it as the background. Then you can add some fabric-like pattern at the center as a decoration. As for the textbox, you can for a plain white one with any shape. You can use a well-mannered and fancy font with bright colors such as light blue or pink. Using a floral pattern as the dress code will improve the atmosphere of your event.






The first thing to do is picking the theme. Once you are done with picking the theme, then now you should either make your own invitation card or let the event organizer make it for you. If you want a DIY invitation card you should choose the perfect image for the shabby chic baby shower invitations.

Once you get the right image, select either JPG or PDF as the format. JPG can’t be edited so you have to add the details manually while the PDF can be edited. Once you are done selecting the image, then it is time to print it.

To print your design, simply put a piece of paper into a color printer. Make sure that the material of the paper is perfect for the shabby chic baby shower invitations. You can use a material like glossy or photo paper. If you don’t have the time or too lazy to create your own invitation card, you can let an event organizer make it for you. You can give them the design or you can just simply choose what they offer. Most event organizers usually offer a package that includes props and decor. Make sure that you pick the right decorations for the event by matching it with the design of your invitation card.

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