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FREE Ballerina Baby Shower Invitations Templates

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Expecting a baby girl is certainly a very happy thing for all parents in the world, including you and your spouse. And maybe you want to share this happy moment with your family and friends. If you want to share the happiness with them, then you must prepare the appropriate invitation to ask them to attend your baby shower event. Ballerina baby shower invitations will be very suitable to be used as a theme to welcome the baby girl who will be born soon! However, if you do not have much time to design it yourself, then you can download them from our website, by simply selecting the download and customize button as you like.

Ballerina baby shower invitations have a very beautiful design with a soft pink color that creates a feminine impression. Who can resist when looking at a cute design like this? Gold accents that adorn the invitation with the dominance of pink and white colors even add an elegant yet cute impression.






Immediately download and let your invited guests guess whether the baby you’re waiting for is boy or girl. You do not need to worry about the quality and sharpness of your invitation picture. Because this invitation has high quality even though it can be downloaded for free.

With a size of 1260 x 976 pixels, this invitation will look great if it is printed in a large enough size. By wording “We are tutu excited!” Will show clearly that you are expecting a beautiful baby girl! Your invited guests will certainly be happy to celebrate and congratulate you as a mom-to-be.

With ballerina baby shower invitations that can be downloaded from our website, everything will be easier and practical, without reducing the meaning of your special day. If you want to print an invitation card that is not too thick but looks luxurious, then use Art Paper type of paper and glossy or doff printing type if you want matte results. A beautiful invitation card is perfect for expecting the birth of your adorable baby girl.

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